Is There Life After Death?

All of us will experience the pain of death at some point in our lives. Knowing what will happen after this life can't take away the pain but it can help you make it through.

There isLife After Death

One of the great mysteries of life is what will happen after we die. The true answer is profoundly comforting and brings peace into our minds and hearts. Death is not the end, but rather just a step that we must all take. Death separates us from this temporal world but does not end our existence. When a person dies their spirit departs from this world and moves into the spirit world.

Given that we never cease to exist, we will one day all be able to see our loved ones again and talk with them. What joy this knowledge brings! The most meaningful aspects of life here on earth are the endearing relationships with family and friends and the personal progress of our spirit. These relationships and our spirits do not disintegrate with death. They continue on; we continue on.

If you are troubled with the thought of dying or with losing a loved one, then please allow the power of this message to comfort your heart. The truth is joyful.

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